Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Halibut with Coconut Peeps® Aioli

My wife loves, loves, loves this recipe! We make it about once a week. We know that Halibut is a little pricey, but please splurge on this once. Halibut is a very porcine fish so the sweetness of Peeps® is not overwhelmed by the aromatics one experiences with a Catfish or Carp. Halibut is also one of the only fish that is exclusively caught in the Atlantic so you know it is safe from the Nuclear Fallout that is still coursing through the ecosystem of the Pacific from surface nuclear tests done until the late 1960s. We adapted this recipe from a Creamy Avocado sauce we had at Long John Silvers. Since there are no green Peeps® we combine equal numbers of yellow and blue Peeps®. Not using avocados cuts the fat content of this dish way down, so you can save some points for dessert. We have removed the oil from the common Aioli recipe and substituted Karo Syrup, but a light molasses also works it just darkens the “Aioli.” Coconut flavoring is used but you can substitute vanilla, cinnamon or even mint.

Side Note: (Some long term readers of this blog have a very hard time with Peeps® colored anything but yellow or pink. I generally agree but this dish really benefits from a green hue so I urge some of you to branch out and try this. As always Bunny Peeps® are not recommended.)

1lb Halibut Filets
6-12 Peeps® (equal numbers of blue and yellow)
1 cup Karo syrup
¼ cup granulated sugar
1tbs Coconut Flavoring
Lemon wedges
Coconut covered marshmallows to garnish

In a small food processors place the Peeps® and while on low slowly add the Karo Syrup. I know I don’t generally advocate using anything but a very sharp knife or razor to cut Peeps®, but to get the aioli just right you need a food processor or you will be mixing all day! If you add the syrup too quickly you can get a cotton candy effect (our British readers know it as candy floss.) When it is thoroughly mixed add the sugar and flavoring.

The fish is easy to prepare, just season with salt and pepper and place on a oiled broiling pan. I like to get the pan as close to the broiling element as possible so I prop it up on match books or bottle caps with the top shelf rack set as high as possible. The fish should be done in 5-10 minutes or when the meat is no longer clear.
Garnish with the marshmallows and lemons.

Serves 3

We often serve this with lima beans in the shell, or circus peanuts.
Most wine over powers this dish and we often drink a pineapple based cocktail with this dinner.

Bon AppaPeeps!™


Blogger yellowcab666 said...


I have tried what would have been an otherwise DELICIOUS recipe, the halibut w/aioli, but i ended up using, AND WASTING, more peepsTM than i would have liked all because of your apparent inability to SPELLCHECK your recipies!?

Tbs = Table Spoon
Tsp = Tea Spoon
tbs=a delightful cable channel that airs all sorts of repeats of 1/2-hour sitcoms that bring joy and tears to its viewers

Do you know how many hours and PeepsTM i wasted trying to get Ted Turner on the phone?

In the future I request SOMEBODY (say Lancelot Link, who despite the fact that Ted Turner finds his antics to be par excellence, remains available for piecemeal work such as this) do some sort of spell checking prior to posting your recipies. Think of the Children?!

8:38 AM  

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