Sunday, March 11, 2007

Peeps™ and Micro Greens with Dremel-ed Balsamic Vinaigrette

Because of the recent publicity concerning tainted croutons I thought it was timely to publish my latest creation. As many of you are aware this blog has a very strong nutrition mission and incorporating peeps™ into a balanced meal has always been our goal. Our peeps and micro green salad will make a satisfying Sunday dinner. Micro greens are all the rage at our sister-blog and after tasting this delicacy you will see why.

I must warn you that washing either the greens or the peeps is recommended to reduce the risk of food borne illness such as Salmonella and Rabies. Here at the PeepsRecipe Test Kitchen© we uses a combination of Grain Alcohol and Club Soda.

1 hand full of Micro greens (if your local market does not have a variety of freshly sprouted cabbage or mustard seed, you can substitute alfalfa or wheat sprout)
2 Peanuts shelled and slivered (Blister rather than Spanish)
2 Peeps (frozen then cubed)
1 egg shell (cleaned, broken into 4 small “salad bowls”)
¼ tsp of balsamic vinegar (may substitute with distilled vinegar just add equal parts flat coca cola)
¼ tsp olive oil (may substitute corn oil just don’t tell anyone)

After washing the greens combine in a small ramekin with the peanuts. Using a pair of medium specimen forceps (152mm) arrange the salad in the egg shell bowl.

I freeze my peeps® before cubing as it makes cutting them into uniform cubes much easier. I generally discard the head and tail for obvious reasons. This is one of the few times that the bunny peeps actually produce a nicer effect. When I wrote this entry bunny peeps were not in season. I strongly discourage anyone from poaching bunny peeps during the breeding season which runs from Thanksgiving to the end of Mardi Gras in most of the eastern United States. Arrange cubes on the salad. Chill salad for at least one hour in fridge.
Combine oil and vinegar and whisk with a toothpick or use this whisk I invented by bending a paperclip and chucking it into my Dremel Tool. Then using an eye dropper dress the salad and serve immediately. This salad is only palatable cold. Of course the bowel is edible.

Serves 5
A salad like this goes very well with piping hot cocoa or Irish coffee
Bon AppaPeeps™

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